College students find thousands of dollars inside their couch

College students who live off campus usually have to fend for themselves when it comes to furnishing their apartment, this was indeed the case for three college students and recent graduates. Back in 2014, the aforementioned students needed to furnish their small apartment on the cheap, as they were all making little money at the time. Many people decide to go to the Salvation Army stores to find old pieces of furniture at very low prices Рdeals like that are hard to come by when going to first-hand furniture shops. The students knew that going to thrift stores was going to be the only way to truly furnish their apartment. What the students did not bank on, was what they would uncover after getting the shabbiest sofa in the store. They knew it was uncomfortable, but they had no clue as to what they were truly sitting on. This is a once in a lifetime kind of find, and these three students knew it as soon as they saw it. What are the chances?

Meet the roommates

When Reese Werkhoven, Lara Russo, and Cally Guasti moved in together, they did so in order to save money on rent by splitting it three ways. The three students and recent graduates were busy cleaning their new apartment and getting it organized when they realized that they would need to buy some furniture to sit on and entertain with.

They did not know that the decision to get a couch would change their very lives so unexpectedly.