Storage Wars: The money making units

Storage Wars is one of those reality shows that just keeps on getting better, with fans eagerly awaiting the next episode. The A&E Network introduced the show back in 2010 and it has gone from strength to strength ever since, and now 2019 sees the show in its 12th season. During the show, you can watch a host of entertaining characters such as “trouble causer” Dave Hester and the lovable Jarrod and Brandi, bid on storage lockers with the hope to scoop a lot that has a huge pay cheque inside. These treasure hunters know what they are doing and some even show up with a strategy that will utterly annoy any other participants. There have been some that have made millions on a locker that cost just $500 after they found a safe inside and one bidder even managed to find some famous paintings worth thousands of dollars. The lockers become available once the rent on the property has not been paid for three months, to which they are then handed over to Dave and Laura Dotson, who own the business.

Outstanding Profit

Back on Season three, the beloved Darrell Sheets scooped one of the biggest money makers the show has ever seen. Sheets is well known for his high bids, that often tend to intimidate the other cast members, and there is usually no in between. The bids tend to either really work out for him, or not, much to the entertainment of those watching. After all, this is what the show is all about.

Bidding $3,600 for a storage locker, he opened it to find an amazing stash of paintings by the famous artist, Frank Gutierrez, with the collection bringing Sheets a profit of $296,400!