Stepdad Documents His Son’s Attempts to Sneak Friend Out of The House

Moms and dads of the world know that their children will try and pull a fast one on them whenever given the opportunity. Sometimes parents will let their kids off the hook by pretending not to pay attention, while others will document their child’s attempt at making sure they do not get caught in their silly actions. It is fair to say that parents, seem to have a sort of sixth sense when it comes to their children. Sometimes, it’s the dads of the world who manage to make their kids indiscretions the basis for hilarity and share it with the world. This stepdad noticed something that mom did not, and made it his mission to document his son trying to sneak a girl out of his room, much to our entertainment, delight, and slight dismay.

Parent’s rules

There is a rule with parents that should be written down and plastered across every family living space: If you live under your parents’ roof, you have to abide by their rules. They pay the bills and care for you, so, therefore, you must do what they ask and stick to the rules of the household.

While this may be true, it has not and will not stop teens from trying to break the rules and do things their way.