A WWI soldier’s life was saved thanks to six protective coins in his pocket

On September 26, 1914, WWI had begun and the Belgian soldiers were trying to fight the German army as they had invaded their home. One soldier was out on patrol when he looked up and heard a shot from a German rifle. He couldn’t believe that it had got to this point and that his country, which wanted to remain neutral had been caught in all this mess. The first world war had commenced just a few weeks prior to this moment, and Belgium was right in the line of fire. In this war Britain and France were the allies against Germany and Austro- Hungary. The Belgium desire to remain neutral was ignored by the Germans, and they demanded that their troops must be allowed to enter Belgium territory. Germany needed to do this to hone in on France. The Germans had one goal, and that was to win against the French. The plan was to invade Paris, and then conquer the Russians. However, Belgium was not ok with the Germans invading their territory, not surprisingly, but no matter how defiant they were, they were no match for the Germans.

War Has Begun

Kaiser Wilhelm announced war on the very same day and the British stormed in declaring war on Germany in defense of Belgium on August 4th.

With this arrived the Shlieffen Plan, devised by the Germans to invade and overtake France. The plan was to storm Paris allowing the Germans to overthrow the capital. So, they stormed on ahead.