It’s All About A-Rod and JLo’s Newly Sold New York $17.5 Million Home

The fact that these two A-listers sold their New York home for the astounding amount of $17.5 million is not as surprising as it should be, considering we all know that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are two of the biggest names in entertainment and sports. Going through their newly-sold home is one serious threat. Jennifer and Alex have been linked since February of 2017 and have been inseparable ever since. Their children share play dates and get along beautifully, this is one modern family with a little more. The home that they have just sold has a lot of memories for the couple and their respective children, and let’s face it, it is always exciting when you get to have a look around someone’s home, especially when it is worth $17.5 million! As we take a look at their spectacular home, the first home they shared together as a couple and where it all began, we reminisce about the newly engaged couple.

Two years strong

It seems like Jennifer and Alex have been a couple for a very long time, when in fact they have only been together for two years. They walk the red carpet together, go on lavish vacations, go to one another’s concerts and events and are essentially by each other’s side all the time.

These two are the picture of stability and they seem to be able to absolutely own being in the spotlight separately, but better together.

First encounters

Not only does Alex adore his fiance as a person, but he is also her biggest fan. Alex has been known to take selfies during Jennifer’s concerts, partying it up along with the thousands of others who are dancing to her tunes. Knowing this, we wondered how the couple managed to even get together in the first place, there had to be some sort of planning involved considering they are as famous as they are.

To tell you the truth, these two met long before they were ever a couple, and it was her ex-husband who introduced them.

Baseball game

Like we said, way before Alex and Jennifer got together romantically, 2005 to be specific, Jen and her then-husband Marc Anthony went to see a baseball game. The two saw the New York Mets pinned against the New York Yankees – Alex’s team. Now while Jennifer was married to Marc at the time, she did look at Alex long enough to notice something different about this man.

Allegedly, back then Jennifer knew that Alex was more than just a baseball player she was watching, her gut instinct told her there was more there. Little did she know that years later she’d be right.

All about timing

Putting Jennifer aside for a moment, during that same time that she noticed Alex, he was also married to someone else. Alex and his then-wife have two children together but ended up divorcing in 2008. It would take another few years for these two to meet again.

Jennifer was married to Marc Anthony until 2014 when the two decided that after twins together they could not continue in their marriage. All of this seemed like the stars aligning for both Jennifer and Alex, but they did not know yet.

Tap tap

So when did the two see each other again? It was a coincidence of all things. Jennifer was shopping in Beverly Hills when she saw Alex on the street. She recalls that she wanted to yell his name but was too shy to do so. She nearly kept to herself and just walked, but luckily she thought better and listened to her gut and tapped the man on the shoulder.

Reportedly, she said that this was very much unlike her but that she felt compelled to reach out, literally, as say hello. We are so happy that you did, Jen!

Reunion time

Alex also recalls that day and said that he was incredibly surprised to turn around and find none other than Jennifer Lopez as the one who tapped him on the shoulder. He said that he was happy to see her and funnily excited at the prospect of talking to her again.

Alex recollects that even then he knew that he liked Jennifer but was unsure if he should voice his thoughts in such a blunt way.


Thankfully, Alex also listened to his gut and decided to throw caution to the wind and tell Jennifer that he thought she was absolutely beautiful and wanted to take her out. Jennifer said that she was faint at the thought, which is why it took her a moment to answer Alex.

Spoiler alert – Jennifer said yes and the two were officially going to go out together. The world had yet to find out, which is good in the case of celebrities.

Quiet duo

Both Jennifer and Alex said that they were very nervous to go on their first date together. However, they both also said that they felt something they had never felt before. Sources claimed that this duo knew from the get-go that this is far more special than anything they had experienced before.

It took the two a long time to confirm their relationship to the world, as they decided to keep things quiet for as long as they could.

Happiness and compliments

The two were dating quietly for several months before the official moment the world knew about them – March 8th, 2017. The two walked the red carpet together, confirming their relationship (as is done in Hollywood). Both of their fan bases were happy for them, and the couple was over the moon.

Alex said in an interview that Jennifer was a wonder of a woman and one of the most intelligent people he had ever met.