No one noticed this woman was living rent free for nearly a decade until now

As the world continues to turn, it can sometimes feel as though there are more and more people all wanting a chunk of our paycheck. From car bills to grocery shopping, our cell phones to new clothes, and vacations to veterinary bills – it can feel as though there’s no end to the outgoing payments. However, there is one that has been an issue for many of us over the years: rent. Sure, having your own place can open up a host of opportunities and often gives us newfound freedom, but why does living in your own space have to cost so much? Wouldn’t it be great if you could live rent-free and enjoy your hard-earned cash for a change? Amazingly, no one noticed this woman was living rent-free for nearly a decade. Unfortunately, life wasn’t always a bed of roses – even if they were free of charge.

Working hard

Lisa Hardy was just like many other working moms living in Indianapolis, Indiana. The mom of three headed off to work every day but somehow was still left worrying about money on a daily basis. With so many mouths to feed, it looked as though Lisa would never have her finances in order, let alone have enough to move into a new house.

Thankfully, Lisa’s life was about to change forever. That was until she learned it came with a catch – one that would never leave her alone. It looked as though Lisa’s new home was about to take over her life in ways that she never imagined.