This Married Couple Of 60 Years Have One Hundred Grandchildren

Making a marriage work is not easy, but making a marriage work for well over 60 years is a feat in itself. When you add in children and grandchildren, their spouses and some great-grandchildren, it can all get a bit muddled together. For one American family, they have an extended family equal to the size of a small town, and that is just their direct descendants. For Leo and Ruth Zanger they have quite the family in terms of sheer numbers. While the two have been married for well over 60 years and have produced their own children, the number of grandchildren they have actually comes in at over 100. Can you imagine what the holidays must look like for them! It is a good thing that Leo has maintained a successful real estate business all these years simply so that he can help provide housing for all of the family while finding properties big enough to hold them all for social events. Let’s take a look at how this one big happy family has grown over the years.


Ruth and Leo did not set out with the intention to have such a huge family, how can anyone really plan for that? They met in the 1950s due to a blind date that their siblings, Leo’s brother Dale and Rosie, who was Ruth’s sister, set up. It seems like it was love at first sight, and the two quickly got married in April of 1956.

They chose Illinois as their home state and decided to start having children right away.