London’s Latest Beauty Craze… A Workout For Your Face


The latest trend to hit London is the face workout to tighten your muscles and brighten your appearance.

We all know the importance of working our body muscles, but few of us will have considered the idea of stretching and strengthening our facial muscles. Face Gym, is kind of a face boot camp.

A personal trainer (a masseuse for your face) uses various movements that stimulate blood circulation and collagen production to give the illusion of having had a face lift without the need for the needles. It aims to detoxify the skin and naturally contour your visage. The trainer then uses an electrical muscle stimulation device that emits mild electrical waves to stimulate the muscles and restore your skin’s elasticity.

So How Does It Feel?

The treatment is very relaxing but also you realize that it is a workout and your facial muscles are being stimulated, so prepare for some weird facial expressions in the chair.

Does It Work?

As with the regular gym, the trainers say that the more often you go, the more obvious the results will be. You have to keep it up to keep the muscles tight and toned. However, the effects are clear after one session. If you have a special occasion and want your skin to look lifted and alive it is an ideal way of de-puffing your skin.  It also lifts and plumps your skin as well as giving it a healthy glow.

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