150 years after a soldier sent a letter, it arrived at a post office in Michigan

Many letters and packages pass through each post office every day, simply going from one place to another with the help of the people in between. Civilizations have been writing letters since 500 BCE and the first ever stamped letter was marked under Queen Victoria’s reign in 1840. Before that, letters were not even enclosed in an envelope, and for this story, that is exactly where the curiosity started. Millions of letters arrive at people’s letterboxes each day but it’s not every day, that a letter catches the attention of a postal worker, however that was exactly what happened in this case. Nobody could have known that a small post office in Michigan was about to contribute some very important information regarding the American Civil War. Better yet, that the information was first hand coming from an active soldier. Occasionally, people find things with great historical importance, but they are often looking for it in a particular place. Rarely do people stumble across something that can add real depth to an event from the past.

Unusual Looking Letter

It was in 2015, at a post office in Michigan, that something exciting happened. As the workers continued with their day to day tasks, one of them noticed a peculiar looking letter. Although its postmark made it appear as if it was recent, the letter itself looked as though it was from a completely different time. Intrigued by the letter, staff member Lori Boes wanted to have a look at what was inside the envelope – however, this went against office protocol.