The Influencers That Are Making A Difference Around The World

Social media has become much more than a platform in which to share photos, the various platforms have led to people being able to build up complete lifestyle jobs, by gaining a huge amount of followers through their content and then being able to advertise products to them, which in turn make them money. With the hashtag, #Ad being introduced, followers can now understand when they are being influenced through a paid advert but either way, everyone wants to use what their social media idols are using on a day to day basis. Whether you are on your laptop, mobile telephone or iPad, everyone has access to social media almost 100% of the time, and trillions of people across the world are using them every day. Scrolling through your favorite influencers page, we are inspired by fashion, fitness, and wellbeing as well as places to visit. These new world celebrities are highly influential and we can understand why.

Amanda Cerny

Before the more popular social media channels burst onto the scene, people began to find fame on the Vine app, a platform that allowed it’s users to upload short videos, with most people creating funny videos and posting them for their followers to see. It was short lived but this was the first time we met Amanda Cerny, and for her, this was where it all began.

Claiming she is “The queen of her own fantasy,” Amanda is set on building herself an independent life.