After she was given a note from a stranger in a supermarket, a love story began

We have all watched one too many movies centered around a wonderful love story and although we all enjoy watching them, we often wonder if things like this ever actually happen in real life. In all romantic films, there is the famous “meet-cute,” and if you have watched The Holiday, starring Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, and Jack Black, well then you will know exactly what we are talking about. The “meet-cute” is the moment, where two strangers meet and fall in love. This is a poignant moment in a movie, where from that point, the rest is history. In life, most of us want to fall in love and the idea of meeting your soul mate while you are doing the normal things in your life, such as grocery shopping, can often seem very unrealistic, but what about when it actually happens? Some people do indeed meet the love of their lives while strolling down the street and it was a brief moment, with a quick smile, that changed this man and woman’s life forever.

Not Her Average Day

For those involved, the day was just like any other, a beautiful sunny Sunday morning and for designer Haline, she was about to set off on her normal weekend routine. Gathering her things, she set out to the supermarket, as she did every Sunday. A part of her usual routine, the 38-year-old grabbed her list of groceries and headed out the door.

Little did she know, her day was going to be completely different from any other before and she had no idea a trip to the supermarket could be so life-changing.