Hiker stumbles across perfectly preserved viking relic in a glacier

In 1974, Per Dagsgard trekked through the Jotunheim mountains in Norway in an endeavor to get to a certain point. This terrain is full of glaciers, which are ice formations that have been around for millions of years, what is interesting about them is that they can move, incredibly slowly, but nevertheless they still shift over time. However, an ice patch does not, but freezes as deep as 70 feet When ice patches grow over time, they can in fact become glaciers. And this is what interested the avid hiker that day, as he searched for parts of history that nobody else had discovered. He longed to find clues about ancient people of the ice age. He climbed and climbed to fulfill his desire. There are similar folk out there, such as glaciologists and archeologists who like him find these frozen artifacts extremely mind-blowing. Fragments of time, cemented in history. A popular place to find them, has been Europe and Canada in the ice and the snow. Imagine finding lost parts of history, and being able to decipher what kind of people lived in those times.

In The Ice

Why in the ice? You might be wondering, well these interesting pieces of history were discarded thousands and thousands of years ago, close to the start of these glacial formations and have been hidden by the snow and ice for all this time.

So therefore, for centuries, nobody has known about them, until the glaciers have started to move, and the ice has begun to melt, revealing some quite incredible things.