How Captain Liz Clark lived on the ocean alongside her pet cat for over a decade

Liz Clark and her cat Amelia are the sailing duo who have been traversing the seas for a number of years aboard the Swell. The Swell measures in at around 40-feet in length. Liz and Amelia had documented their sailing adventures for the world to see on their shared social media account. With the pair going on wonderful adventures together. How they first met, and all of the amazing places they visited along the way is a true tale of wanderlust, the seven seas, and a treasured furry companion. But first, how did Liz start out as a skipper. It all began when she was a child in San Diego, California, where Liz grew up. Being right next to the ocean it was hard to resist its pull, and obviously, it got its hooks into Liz because once she was on it, there was no getting her off a boat.

Growing Up

Like most seasoned sailors, Liz grew up on the ocean. She was no stranger to the nautical life. Her parents were avid sailors and got her started when she was seven on her first boat, a small dinghy. She quickly learned the ropes and could whip it around the bay all by herself, tacking and jibing all over the place.

However, Liz did not get a taste of the big seas though until her parents decided to take her on a sailing trip for half a year, spanning roughly 5,000 miles.

Catching Some Waves

Now that Liz had a thorough appreciation for the ocean, she decided to get up close and personal with it. At 15, she took up surfing. She was something of a natural when it came to surfing and started to compete, but she knew that she had to make a choice between going to college or having a professional career. Ultimately, she chose a college and began a degree in Environmental Studies.

Her main goal was to preserve the natural environments in all of the countries she had traveled through, and she felt that if she could contribute in some small way then she had to.