400-Year-Old Note Found Under Floorboards Gives An Historical Insight Into 17th Century

In a world that has seen many different periods, buildings across the globe give us some of the most interesting and exciting insights into the past. With areas of land that show ancient kingdoms built thousands of years ago as well as the historical buildings that were built so perfectly, with bare hands, after people were ordered to do so by the lands ruling king or queen. We are lucky to be able to see and visit such places and with the hard work that historians and archaeologists do, we are able to understand much more about these places and the people who existed at the time. It is common, that dated building will eventually end up being protected by a trust of some sort, who see it as only right to history, that these places of the past are restored, maintained and honored well as time goes on. It is usually during such projects that exciting items can be found, in which we are given a first-hand look into how many used to live.

Past Time

When it comes to buildings built in the past, without many knowing, the residence can hold historical items that tell of a completely different time, and when restoration work began on an old manor house, workers discovered something under the floorboards that left them in disbelief as well as a sense of excitement.

Not only that, but it dated all the way back to the 17th century, from 1601 through to the 1700s.