Why You Need To Take A Break From Your Phone

We all know we use our electrical devices far too much, and perhaps it is time to make a conscious effort to step away from your mobile phone. We have heard how harmful telephones can be for our health but what about our mental health? If you think about it, how did you spend your spare time until your excessive use of your cellphone began?

Our bad electronic habit can be interfering with our lives, communication, sleep and/or intimacy. It’s time we put our phones to one side and invested more time into the present moment and here’s why.

Delaying Sleep

Raise your hand if you go to bed “because you are tired” but then sit on your phone aimlessly scrolling for far too long. Most of us do this because we do not instantly fall to sleep, but by picking up your phone, you are only prolonging that blissful sleeping state you are hoping for. Did you know, that the bright light from your phone, manages to convince your brain it is still daytime? Change the habit and decide there will be no phones while you’re in bed.


Probably the most amazing thing about cell phones is how they can connect us to a loved one all over the world, at any time of the day however in the midst of that, it seems we have forgotten how important communication is with those we are having sitting in front of us. Whether it is checking social media, or reading/sending a message, we are taking time away from those who are there. It’s true, sometimes there are messages that you need to check, but when you are at a restaurant or meeting with friends or family, be sure to keep your phone in your bag or pocket – and see how much more you manage to talk about to that person there with you.


There are now great apps that can track, and breakdown, the time you spend on your phones. Without realizing it, we have just lost an hour, without really doing anything other than ‘liking’ and scrolling. Using this app will most likely provide some shocking stats that will encourage you to place your phone to one side. You know all those things that you need to get done, pop your phone in a draw and don’t get it out before you’ve finished with everything.