Hole In The Ground Revealed Historic Artifacts Dating Back 3,400 Years

As he pulled his car up to park under a tree and hide away from the sun, he could never have imagined that the earth beneath him would crumble and reveal something spectacular.

A Summers Day

It was just a normal summers day in August 2018, when one man arrived at his home and parked his car underneath an olive tree in his garden. As he positioned the car out of the sun, he felt as if the ground beneath him was unsecured and worrying what it might be, he moved from that particular spot of land, and nothing could have prepared him for what came next.

Black Hole

As he pulled away, the ground tremored and within seconds, he watched the earth where he was just standing, fall into what seemed like, a black hole. Standing there in utter shock, the man couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed. How was it possible for the earth to disintegrate like that? Was there something at the bottom of the hole?