Healthy Sleeping Habits You Should Adopt

Sleep is not something you want to skip. Here are some great ways to help yourself get more sleep.

Eat a tryptophan-rich dinner
Tryptophan is a type of protein, it serves as the raw material for your body’s production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Eating a meal that’s full of tryptophan can, therefore, help you to make enough melatonin, enabling you to take a trip to the land of nod, more easily.

Tryptophan-rich foods include free-range eggs, organic dairy, grass-fed beef and poultry, and wholegrain rice. For a sleep-inducing supper that can be whipped up in minutes, try a goat’s cheese omelette.

No caffeine after midday
It can be tempting to turn to coffee when you’re feeling tired during that mid-afternoon slump, but this habit may be contributing to your lack of sleep. Studies show that some people can eliminate the caffeine from their systems within 5 hours, while others take over 11 hours to get rid of it. This means that if you drink a coffee at 3 pm, it may still be having a stimulating effect at 2 am the following morning.

Magnesium is a mineral that’s involved more than 300 chemical processes in your body. It’s also known as ‘nature’s tranquilliser’ for its calming effect on muscles and nerves. Upping your intake of magnesium is so helpful for enabling you to wind down in the evening. The best food sources are dark green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds and legumes.

5. Chamomile tea
This delicious tea helps to both improve sleep quality and reduce the time taken to fall asleep. Crucially, it has this effect without creating a sleep ‘hangover’ the next morning, which is typical of many over-the-counter sleep aids. So before bed make yourself a lovely soothing cup of chamomile tea.