8 Years After A Girl Was Pulled From The Ocean, Her Abandoned Boat Was Finally Discovered

Sixteen-year-old Abby Sunderland had her sights set on sailing around the world in 2010. A successful voyage would have meant that she would have been the youngest person to ever achieve this, however, the outcome did not go according to plan.

Navigating The World

Abby Sunderland had a lot to look up to, her brother was the first person under 18 to have made that same journey that she was about to embark on back in 2009. Coming from a family that loved to sail, growing up, she spent a lot of time doing so and she was determined to follow her brother.

Are You Ready?

I knew she was freezing cold, tired and hungry,” Laurence explained. “And we’d been at it for, you know, 20 hours at that stage. I said, ‘So, Abby, are you ready to sail around the world now?’” She wasn’t put off by some treacherous water. Oh no, so she answered, “Where is my boat?”

The Pros and Cons Of The Journey

Abby’s mom, Marianne, also felt the same way, the family had gone through the pros and cons of Abby’s journey. “Could there be a tragedy? Yeah, there could be,” she retorted. “But there could be a tragedy on the way home tonight, you know, or driving with her friends in a car at 16. You minimize the risks.”


However once word spread about her plan. T.J. Simers, a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, wrote an article, stating that he thought it was “Child abuse. Child endangerment. I just don’t understand the idea of risking life. This kid’s going to be out there all by herself.”

She’s Just A Kid

“Death is a possibility. Bad weather. Are you kidding me? Who’s responsible for this? She’s a kid,” Simers wrote in the article. Abby didn’t deny to ABC News that she was “definitely nervous” about her plan to set sail all alone. However, she also responded to concerns by saying, “I understand [the] ocean and I understand how dangerous what I’m doing is.”