5 Ways To Boost Your Wellbeing This Weekend

Give yourself some love this weekend, and have you time. Here are some beneficial ways to boost that good mood.

Wake Up Early

Give yourself the whole day, and be productive.By waking up early, you will have more time to spare for yourself. So start by waking up, putting a happy playlist on and making yourself a delicious, hearty and healthy breakfast. This will get you in the right mindset, to trickle through the whole weekend.


After waking up early and having a nice breakfast, it’s time to slow down the mind. Whether it is for five minutes or twenty, meditation is a sure fire way to set you up for the day ahead in a positive way. Find a quiet spot, sit down or lay in a comfortable position, and try to become really aware of your breath and your breathing.

Go For A Long Walk

There is nothing like that hit of fresh crisp winter air in your lungs, and getting your heart rate going. So take yourself on a long morning walk, listen to a great podcast on the way, and just really take in your surroundings. This in itself can be a form of meditation. Notice the colors, the sounds, the sights around you, and be in the moment.

Read A Book

Have you found yourself struggling to finish a particular book because you have told yourself you just don’t have enough time? Well the time is now! Give yourself time to read a few chapters. Get lost in the pages of the book and forget about everything else.

Turn Your Phone Off

Social media is a killer for mental health and self-care. Turn your phone off for one hour, and ignore emails, don’t think about work or errands or anything pressing. Use this time for yourself.