24 Years After Marilyn Monroe Passed Away, She Got A Truly Interesting Visitor To Her Grave

When we lose a loved one, we always want to grant their final wishes, to honor their memory. This is what one man’s family did when he passed, with quite an unusual request.

Unusual Final Request

When one man passed away, he made quite an unexpected final request before he passed. This strange ask, included one of the world’s greatest icons to have ever lived, and who to this day is still considered the pin up girl of them all. His request also included her place of rest.

Resting Place

Richard Poncher was a clever and successful businessman and entrepreneur, who was born in Chicago, Illinois. In his adult life, he lived his life in Los Angeles, California. There is not a lot of information about the majority of his life or family, but once he passed, his dying wish allowed him to infamously live on…