24 Years After Marilyn Monroe Passed Away, She Got A Truly Interesting Visitor To Her Grave

When we lose a loved one, we always want to grant their final wishes, to honor their memory. This is what one man’s family did when he passed, with quite an unusual request.

Unusual Final Request

When one man passed away, he made quite an unexpected final request before he passed. This strange ask, included one of the world’s greatest icons to have ever lived, and who to this day is still considered the pin up girl of them all. His request also included her place of rest.

Resting Place

Richard Poncher was a clever and successful businessman and entrepreneur, who was born in Chicago, Illinois. In his adult life, he lived his life in Los Angeles, California. There is not a lot of information about the majority of his life or family, but once he passed, his dying wish allowed him to infamously live on…

Timely End

In 1986, at the age of 81, Richard passed away after living a long and fulfilled life. He left behind his loving wife, Elizabeth Poncher, who made his funeral arrangements at the Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park and Mortuary. They were the best of friends, and when he died, she wanted to make sure that she honored her partner in the way that he had asked for.

Strange Request

For his whole life, his wife was his second favorite woman. She knew that she was in competition with someone else. A blonde bombshell, who went by the name of Marilyn Monroe.

Amazing Spot

Their whole marriage, he would collect Marilyn memorabilia, and was infatuated by the Hollywood actress, so much so, that by the time he died, she was still a part of him. So what was this request then?

One Last Request

When he died, he was interred directly above Monroe’s in the Corridor of Memories. There was no finer spot! Elizabeth recalled Richard telling her, “If I croak, if you don’t put me upside down over Marilyn, I’ll haunt you the rest of my life.”

Honoring His Wishes

So on the day of his funeral, after the ceremony and procession had finished, Elizabeth asked the funeral director to honor her late husband’s final wish. She knew just how much it meant to the old man and she had to make it come true for him.

Face Down

So Richard Poncher now lays, face-down, in his crypt above Monroe. But how did he manage to obtain a crypt with such close proximity to a legendary icon? How was this actually possible?

The Plot Thickens

Ok, so this next part of the tale involves another famous person: baseball player, Joe DiMaggio. He and Marilyn Monroe were married for nine months before Monroe decided to end it. Before their divorce, however, DiMaggio had already purchased burial plots for them next to each other…

Chance Meeting

And in 1954, the Ponchers coincidentally happened to be staying at the same Regency Hotel in New York City when DiMaggio turned to them and asked if they wanted to buy a crypt! Well what do you know ey?

Huge Fan

Richard, being a huge fan of the platinum blonde bombshell, recognized the opportunity and wasted no time at all jumping on this perfect moment. He couldn’t believe that he had purchased the crypt directly over where Monroe would be buried only eight years later.

Resting Places Purchased

The Ponchers also purchased a crypt next to Richard’s future resting place for Elizabeth from DiMaggio that day. The total selling price for both spots has not be disclosed. However one would be intrigued to know.