Mystery Boat Washes Up On Ireland’s Coast With A Strange Message

When a mystery boat was found just off the Irish coast in 2016, the coast guard and authorities ran to offer their support. However, when they got to the boat, there was no crew. Initially, everyone was confused, and its appearance made it unclear what its purpose was. No one knew where it came from, or how it even washed up on these shores. They put together the clues to try and solve this interesting mystery, and what they discovered, turned out to be quite the surprise.

A Mysterious Object

In 2016, on an unassuming grey Tuesday in Ireland, a heavy mist had set in over the coast. As the day began, everyone was going about their daily routines as usual, when suddenly in the distance a strange object appeared out of nowhere floating off the Irish coast. So naturally, someone contacted the authorities to look into the situation.