DIY Chic Home Improvements

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) can be a lot of fun and not only that, but you can be solving some of those household problems you have. That spot on the wall that is just dying out for something, but you’re just not quite sure what that something is, or perhaps you need some more shelving space but don’t know where to place it. It’s time to get creative and don’t worry these crafty hacks won’t take you all day. Here are some nifty DIY ideas for you to try.

Chic Floating Shelves

What you need: 1 x round wooden plate/chopping board | Scissors | Yarn

Go for it:
• Cut 24 pieces of yarn to the length of 3 1/2 yd. each
• Fold them in half to grab the center and tie a knot there with another piece of yarn. This center point will be where this floating shelf hangs from
• Divide your yarn from the center tie into four equal sections (each section will be 12 strings)
• Then divide each part into two sections of 6 and twist them together.
• You could also separate your sections to 4 and braid them if you prefer
• Hang your piece someplace high enough to give you access to easily work with the strings. Tie a knot approximately 4 inches below the top where you tied your center knot
• As the last step tie a knot at the bottom leaving the amount of tassel you prefer to dangle below your knot. This is where your shelf will rest
• Slip your wooden plate between your ropes, settle the bottom knot at the center under your wooden plate. Arrange your 4 twisted/braised ropes evenly to balance the wooden plate

Funky Wall Decoration

To start, get: Yarn (color of your choice) | Scissors | Gold rings in 1.5″ and 3″ | Krazy glue | Cardboard (about 14″ in length) | Round wood dowel (cut mine to about 7.25″ – you can also use a paintbrush)

Give it a go:
• Cut a piece of yarn and fold it in half, then put it through the 1.5″ gold ring
• Take the loose ends of the string and pull them through the yarn loop and then pull down, but not all the way (keep it loose) *This is called a lark’s head knot*

• Double knot the loose ends of the yarn to each end of a wood dowel, then reinforce the knots with a dab of Krazy glue before cutting off the excess yarn
• With another half-folded piece of yarn, knot at the other end, I tied a lark’s head knot around the 3″ ring, pulling it tight
• Pull this yarn through the loop of the first lark’s head knot that you left open/loose and tie a Lark’s head knot around that
• Pull it tight and reinforce the knot with Krazy glue before cutting off the excess yarn
• Pull the first lark’s head knot tight to secure everything onto the gold ring
• Use a piece of cardboard about 14″ in length and use it to wrap the yarn around it 10 times
• Cut down one end
• Make a giant lark’s head knot around the dowel
• Create six of these across the dowel, pulling each one as tightly as possible
• Final step – give it a haircut.

Have fun!