What Bindi Irwin Was Wearing In A Recent Instagram Photo Sent The Internet Into Overdrive

Bindi Irwin grew up on our screens and we all loved watching her working alongside her father, and it was recently that a post on her Instagram page sent waves through the internet.

On our screens

Back in 2015, Bindi Irwin wowed us with her amazing footwork with her dance partner Derek Hough on Dancing With The Stars. The duo then went on to be crowned the winners of the show which was in its 21st season. Before she appeared on the show, Bindi was mostly known as the daughter of the late Steve Irwin.

Her Instagram post

Bindi quickly came out from the shadow of her famous conservationist father and gained many fans. In fact, she became so popular that when she posted this on her Instagram page, she never expected it blow up as much as it did. As they say, her post almost definitely broke the internet.

Her father

Before her stint on the show, many people would have remembered Bindi as a young girl who was her father’s sidekick. Steve Irwin was known to us all as ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ and could often be seen out in the wilderness filming his TV show or working at the Australia Zoo. “Crickey” had become one of his taglines, and we were all saying it.

Named after a crocodile

Along with his wife Teri, they gave us access to animals as we’d never seen them before. And it was at the zoo, which had been in Steve’s family since the ’70s, that the married couple got the idea for the name of their Daughter. Bindi was named after one of Steve’s beloved crocodiles.

Running in the family

The family was a household name and Bindi didn’t go unnoticed as she made her first TV appearance when she was just two years old. She grew up in the spotlight alongside her father in shows Croc Files and Crocodile Hunter. It was evident that caring for and making a difference to the protection of animals ran in the family.

Unique Childhood

Bindi and Robert were raised in a unique home environment, at the grounds of Australia Zoo in Queensland. Her most meaningful memories from childhood mainly involve those special moments she experienced with animals, thanks to her dad. Steve began his day at 2am tending to the animals. Later, when Bindi and Robert woke up, he would get ready for school and Bindi lovingly recalls him giving them ice cream for breakfast. They’d then jump on his motorbike and zoom happily through the zoo, checking up on the animals, before their lessons in their little schoolroom on site. What a childhood!

Living Life To The Max

“We’d be taking a maths test and he’d burst through the door and say ‘Nope, your maths test is done and we’re going to climb a mountain.’ How awesome that that was our childhood?

A star in her own rights

It wasn’t long until Bindi was recognized as having her own talents and it seemed she was born to be on TV. She continued to appear on her dad’s TV shows and then began getting her own offers. In 2002 she appeared on The Wiggles: Wiggly Safari. Due to her infectious personality, she then got her own show on the Discovery Kids channel, Bindi the Jungle Girl. But it was during that time, something unthinkable happened.

A sad event

Sadly, as Bindi was making her new show, her father Steve had a tragic accident. While doing what he loved, and exploring the ocean and some six-foot stingrays, one turned on him and he swam behind it to capture it swimming away. It was there that the stingray launched an attack on Steve which lead to his passing.

Her amazing strength

Bindi was only just 8 years old when her father had his accident, but she showed utter courage and strength when she wrote and read out her own speech during his memorial service. The funeral drew in a huge crowd and all 5,000 attendees stood up and applauded this brave young girl – it was also a televised service.

Her tribute to him

Bindi knew that she wanted to keep her father’s legacy alive and it was then in June 2007 that she helped to arrange and hosted a television documentary about her late father, My Daddy, the Crocodile Hunter. The show was a tribute to Steve and his life’s work. Bindi also had a love for singing a dedicated a song to him called Trouble in the Jungle.

A budding star

It was around this point that Bindi had begun developing her own career and it was taking off very nicely and she even managed to scoop an award in 2008 for the Outstanding Performer in a Children’s Series award – she was the youngest person to ever win the award. In 2010, she hit the big screen when she appeared in the movie, Free Willy: Escape from Pirate’s Cove as Kirra.