This Blind Man Developed Another Way To See The World

After a tough start in life, Daniel Kish took control of his situation and transformed not only just his but thousands of other peoples lives. This touching story would leave you feeling nothing more than inspired.

In The Beginning

Born in California, Daniel Kish’s had a difficult start in life when he lost his sight at a young age. When he was just a baby, Daniel had a rare form of cancer called retinoblastoma, which led him to lose both of his eyes. Understandably, at first, this was something he and his family worried about, but he soon changed his life.

Quality Of Life

Daniel has made a huge difference to his own life and that has now led him to extend his quality of life to other people. He will tell you, that he can now see, even without both of his eyes. And you will never believe how he did it.

Such A Young Age

Kish didn’t have the easiest start in life as he was born with retinoblastoma. This type of cancer attacks the retina and at just seven months old, he lost his right eye. Then at 13 months old, due to complications, he then had to have his left eye removed – but this was in order to save his life. But he has never let that stop him.

His Strong Personality

Kish has always had a bubbly personality and as he got older, he has found strength in public speaking. His strong spirit had always shined through, and during a Ted Talk in 2015, he openly spoke about life after his operation. Talking to the audience, he told them how he climbed out his cot and joked he was “looking for the person who did this to me”.

Wanted An Adventure

As he left the hospital and began life at home as a blind child, he soon realized that losing his sight wasn’t going to stop him and he became obsessed with seeking out an adventure. At aged just two years old, he snuck out of his house, into the backyard and climbed over his neighbors’ fence! And he didn’t stop there.

Writing In His Journal

Writing a journal was important to Kish and something he enjoyed doing when writing about his desire for an adventure, he wrote, “I was in the habit of exploring whatever I sensed around me.” It was at this age that his body started to uniquely change and adjust to not being able to see.