Your Post Thanksgiving Detox Tips Right Here

Tis’ the season of over indulging, but now that the first turkey has been and gone, the sweet potato pie is a figment of your past, and the pumpkin treats have been demolished, now is a perfect time before the Christmas celebrations get underway, to give your digestive system a reboot and feel cleansed. Here are some simple tools to feeling your best in just a few days.

Your food coma will be gone in no time.So snap right back with these top tips.

Drink Water

Water is your best friend. Begin your day with a cup of hot water, lemon and ginger. This is very cleansing and detoxifying and will help your digestion. Throughout the day make sure to drink at least 2 litres. If you can, stay off coffee for a couple of days, but if you have to, then have it black without milk or sugar.

Lean Greens and Protein

Get your greens in this week. In any way you can. Try making a breakfast smoothie, and add in spinach and kale to go full power with protein and vitamins and minerals. In every meal make sure you have a lot of protein and vegetables and limit your carbohydrate intake, including starchy vegetables.


Get moving in any way that you can. Even if it means going for a power walk, or getting off the bus one stop early so you have to move. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, do what you can do, but get your heart rate going this week.

Limit Sugar

This week, try as much as you can to limit your sugar intake. Make fresh meals at home and don’t eat out if you can avoid it. Check labels carefully as sugar is hidden in many sauces and products in sneaky ways.

Let Go Of Guilt

You enjoyed yourself, you had fun, so don’t dwell and feel guilty. Focus on the now, and how you want to feel good this week, don’t get stuck on the past. Everything is ok, so don’t be hard on yourself.