Top Summer Style Hacks for Men

It can be hard to look and feel your best when the sun is beating down and it’s sweltering every place but your air-conditioned home or office. The summer heat isn’t just a challenging time for women, but men as well. Here are some simple, yet effective summer style hacks that all men can take advantage of.

Sweat Less, Look Better

First things first: you need to control the sweating. We all sweat; there’s not much you can do about that. However, sweat doesn’t have to keep you from looking good.

The first thing to do is check out cool vests or light moisture absorbing tank tops. These can be worn under your other clothes to actually reduce sweating and absorb the sweat that you do generate. No more sweating through the back of your shirts!

Credit: Ali Express

Can’t Prevent Sweat? Corral It!

If you sweat no matter what you try, check out the fabric dress shields made by MacCulloch & Wallis, which can be used to seamlessly absorb underarm sweat and prevent the old “wet pits” look. If you haven’t already tried a very strong anti-perspirant, make sure you do before you abandon all hope.

Oh, and don’t throw out any pit-stained shirts. Deo-Go pre-laundry spray can be used to salvage those shirts and help you save a little money while you’re at it.

Freshen Up On the Go

Let’s say you’re going from an outdoor occasion to a bar for a night out without a stop home first. It’s not impossible to freshen up; you just have to prepare accordingly. A regular handkerchief can be perfect for taking care of a little sweat here and there before you enter a cooler environment.

You can also make sure to have a few wet wipes on hand or in your car for a quick freshening up in the restroom or in the parking lot before you head into the bar, party, or nightclub.

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Keep Your Hair Looking Good

Men tend to have a little less hair to worry about than women, but humidity and heat wrecks havoc on their ‘dos, as well. To keep your hair looking how you want it to, try a sea salt spray. This stuff is an absolute godsend when you want to keep your hair in place without greasing it down or ending up with sticky substances dripping down your forehead in the heat. Try it; you won’t regret it!