The Best Apps To Help You Manage Anxiety

Whatever your situation, keeping a tab on your emotions can clue you into your usual thought patterns and major anxiety triggers. Once you have this valuable information, you’ll be able to dig deeper into why those triggers are still around, and you will be equipped to deal with them more easily when they arise.

Here are our recommended apps to help you track your emotions and triggers, so if keeping a diary gets too much, try these.


If you find journaling helpful but still can’t bring yourself to commit to it, Daylio makes that part super easy for you. You can log everything you’re feeling and doing without having to type a word. The negative, is that it isn’t actually personalized to your exact specific moods, so it’s more of a general journal, but it’s still a great way to track your emotions.


This is basically a life coach in app form. It allows you to log life events and moods by type, intensity, impact, and location, then responds with actionable steps to help you feel better. So if you feel like you need some guidance or a gentle push, then this app is the one for you.

Therapy Buddy

Thanks to its “Helpful Takeaway” and “Things To Bring Up” sections, this app not only allows you to log and reflect on past therapy sessions, but it helps you prepare for upcoming appointments, too. So if thoughts arise that you know you need to delve into or want to discuss, you can log them so that you don’t forget.