Yes, You Can Recycle These Items

Taking care of the planet is so important, and the over use of plastic is killing the Earth and wildlife. It is time we started to take action. These surprising items can be recycled. So start doing your bit.


Well, in many cases, you’d be surprised to find out that you can actually recycle your old things. You don’t have to choose between environmental insensitivity and being a pack-rat after all! Here are a few household items that you’ll be surprised to find out you can recycle.

Old VHS Movies

That’s right, your VHS copy of Jerry Maguire is recyclable! If you can bear to part with your old Uncle Buck tape, you can send it (along with your other unwanted VHS tapes) to a special recycling company to be properly melted down and recycling. As for the plastic or cardboard covers, you can recycle those, too! Just put them in your bin for pickup next week along with your other recyclables.

Crayons and Art Supplies

Art supplies such as crayons don’t have to be thrown away when they break or worse yet, get partially chewed up by the family dog. Contact the manufacturer, as you can generally donate your broken or unwanted crayons or other art supplies to be recycled in order to produce new ones.

Plastic Shopping Bags

You get home from the grocery store, put away your items, and what do you know? You’re now the owner of a dozen plastic shopping bags! These bags are useful for all types of household activities, but if you amass too many, keep in mind that many major stores have collection bins where you can place the bags to be recycled.


Water Filters

Many brands of water filters are fully recyclable. You just have to collect them, pack them up, and send them away. In the case of Brita, you can even print off a free shipping label. Some stores will also accept them for convenient recycling.

Running Shoes

Everyone knows they can donate old clothes to charity, but nobody would want your worn out shoes, right? Wrong! Check with manufacturers or agencies like the MORE Foundation, which will happily accept your used shoes to be reused or even recycled.