Summer Is Here, What Should You Do?

The early excitement of summer can sometimes fade into a daily routine where you aren’t really sure what to do with your time. Depending on where you live, the heat may be too sweltering for some of your favorite activities, and if you’re a parent, you’re likely to have a house of bored kids by July.

Fear not, because there are plenty of fun things to do in the summer that can make the season more memorable and fill the months with fun, whether you’re flying solo or need activities for the whole family.

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Outdoor activities are what most people think of when it comes to summer. Sure, the community pool is a popular destination, and if you happen to live near a lake, ocean, or have your own pool, you’re even better off. Still, it can get a little dull to simply swim in the pool or lay on the beach day in and day out.

Instead, change it up by bringing a frisbee or soccer ball to the beach or park. If you have kids, sandcastles are a timeless beach activity, while kites can also supply hours of carefree fun.

When making your own adventures, try to get off the beaten trail a bit. Find a new swimming spot, go hiking in search of new places to have a picnic lunch, or fish in a new area. If you don’t own a boat, rent one and float down the river or navigate a nearby lake. Tubing is also great fun (with or without adult beverages).

If you want to take in summer events, try to do some things that you can’t do during every other season. A baseball game can be very fun on a nice day or a cool evening, as can an outdoor concert or festival. You can even take the initiative to plan a block party with neighbors.

Camping is a great summer activity, as you can use the time away from technology to share ghost stories, roast s’mores, or just relax under the stars.

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Of course, the weather won’t always cooperate. If you’re stuck inside, go out for a visit to an art museum, take in a play, or host a dinner party for friends or family. Take up dancing classes or start yoga or other fitness classes. Cooking classes are also a great way to have fun while adding a useful skill.

The possibilities are only limited to what you can imagine. Get out there and make this a summer to remember!