Interesting Things You Never Knew About Anthony Bourdain

The life of this sharp-tongued, globetrotting chef was anything but dull. Anthony Bourdain wasn’t like most celebrity chefs and food personalities. His sudden death, left fans worldwide distraught and fellow chefs stunned. Here’s a look back on things you may not have known about the inimitable chef.

He had no patience for clueless cooks.

In Bourdain’s opinion, any human worth their salt is smart enough to throw some standard dishes together in the kitchen. “In an ideal society, everyone over 12 should be able to cook a few basic things reasonably well,” he told Men’s Journal. “Everyone should know how to make an omelet. Everyone should know how to roast a chicken, properly, how to grill a steak properly, how to make a basic – very basic – stew or soup, prepare basic vegetables and pasta.”