Festival Accessories You Need This Summer

Festival season is upon us, which means that it is time for all the glitter and fun accessories to get us in the mood.

We have the latest bits and bobs that you simply cannot go without this festival season, so let’s get looking like the perfect unicorns.


There is nothing like being a glitter baby at a festival, it really adds to the outfits. There is no such thing as too much glitter. So go wild and carefree.


Time to bag this season’s hottest accessories. So why not start with the essentials you can’t leave home without, those always by your side bags. The bang on- trend bum bags to keep those hands free for dancing at festivals—and much, much more. You need a small backpack or bum bag at a festival, just for the essentials. Fringe and bright neon colors are the best for festivals, so you can party all day and all night without feeling heavy, plus they really make the look.


Boots- You must have a pair of Doc Martens or a pair of chunky boots that are comfortable and that you don’t mind getting ruined. They look great with shorts or a dress.

Kaftans are going to be your best friend, they will keep you warm at night, and keep the sun off your skin in the day. They also scream festival chic.