How To Slow Down And Be Present

For many of us, our daily routine includes putting our work and others before ourselves. Because we are continuously bombarded by social media and the feeling of having to keep up and compare ourselves, it can be difficult to be present and in the moment without looking to what others are doing. Here are some simple tips on how to slow down and appreciate everyday life.

On your commute – If you have ever found yourself zoning out for 45 minutes while on your way to work, you aren’t the only one. However, that 45-minute commute is the perfect place to practice meditation. Whether you’re a pro at meditating on your own or if you need guidance, your morning commute is the perfect place to set yourself up for success for the remainder of your day. Andy Puddicome, the founder of the guided meditation app, Headspace, recognizes that “meditation is a way to familiarise oneself with the qualities of mindfulness.”

In your spare time – Rather than getting lured into Instagram in the evenings, try picking up a new hobby. Try yoga, or arts and crafts, it has proven to be very calming.

Go for a run, or power walk, notice what is around you, take in the scenery, the smells, the noises, and practice being present.

Incorporating slow living into your everyday life might seem daunting, but who knows, you might find that life in the slow lane is much more rewarding.