Saturday Self-Care Activities

The weekend is here, so take some time for yourself, to replenish your energy and feel good. Often we are running around and are so busy that we forget to give back to ourselves. So now is the time. Here are some lovely self-care tasks that you can do this weekend.

Go For A Massage

There is nothing like laying down and relaxing while someone rubs hot oil onto your skin and smoothly massages their hands all over your body. Get rid of all that stored negative energy and stress, and treat yourself to a massage, you will thank us for this we promise.

Read A Self-Help Book

Take some time out of your day, to put your feet up with a cuppa and read an inspiring book that will help guide you in your every day life. We recommend The Gifts Of Imperfection By Brene Brown.

Take A Walk In Nature

Being in nature can have such a calming effect. Good for the mind, body and soul, experience being in the moment, breathing in fresh air into your lungs and getting that blood flow round the body.

Call A Loved One

Do you find yourself thinking about a loved one you want to speak to, but can never find enough time in your day to do so? Well do it today! Tell them you love and miss them, and hear what they have to say. This will make you feel good and remind you of the wonderful people in your life.

Cook A Nice Meal

Go to the farmer’s market, buy wonderful fresh Spring produce, and go home and make a deliciously healthy meal. Enjoy every mouthful, and delight in putting goodness into your body. It is your best friend, your home and when you treat it right, it will work right for you.


Tell yourself one positive thing you love about yourself today, even if it is tiny. There must be one thing you can appreciate about yourself.