Positive Monday Morning Rituals- To Start The Week With A Bang

Thinking about Monday as an exciting new day, instead of a day of stress and anxiety, can truly benefit the way you feel about the week, and will help create positive habits. Self-care is so important, but often we don’t take enough time to focus on little things that we can do. So we have rounded up some beneficial, yet simple practices, to help keep your Monday a happy one, and to wash away those Monday blues.

Sage Smudging To Cleanse The Space

Sage is a very powerful herb, known to have cleansing and detoxing properties. On a Monday morning, light some sage and make a morning ritual, to welcome in the new week, and to get rid of any lingering negative energy.

Anxiety Out, Friends In

The best antidote to anxiety, it turns out, is what Monday’s should be about, spending time with others. The most valuable self-care that we can give ourselves comes by way of relationships. Make sure on this Monday, that you have lunch with a colleague who makes you feel good, or you go out for dinner with the girls, or get cozy with a friend after work. But don’t go home to be by yourself.

Work It Out

The weekend has been and gone, so whatever destructive behaviors you did then, don’t hold onto it now. Let it go. Why not go for a power walk now that the weather is taking a turn for the better, get some fresh air, or sweat it out in a gym class. This will definitely make you feel better, release endorphins, and get rid of any anxiety you may have had stored.

Go Green

Make sure you eat some greens today, to put some goodness inside your body. Make a green smoothie for breakfast, or make a big salad for dinner with lots of dark leafy green veggies in.