The Best Evening Dresses For Every Body Type

Evening wear can be tricky, but not to worry, we have narrowed down our list, to accommodate all body types so whatever your size, you will feel fabulous.

Long Torso

A romantic off-the-shoulder cut is perfect if you have a long torso. The broad neckline of the dress will draw attention upward. When choosing a length, opt for just above the knee.


To flatter your shape, you want to look for a silhouette that has a subtle accent at the waist. Dresses that color block and texture to highlight your middle, will give your figure definition. A V-neck is also very flattering and shows off some cleavage.


A fuller, T-length skirt should become a staple if you are a pear-shaped women. The layered style with a mixture of sheer fabrics or patterns, creates a focal point at the torso, the smallest proportion on your frame. And, the party ready skirt gives the dress a body-skimming, loose and comfortable fit to best flatter the killer curves on your lower half.


If this is your shape, you want to keep the silhouette simple but have fun with textures, colors, and patterns. Meanwhile, choosing a short hem lets you show off your legs and the V-neck top draws attention upward. Boom you will look a million dollars.


While your shape looks equally great in many silhouettes, for this season, we suggest a Bardot style to show off the shoulders, with a belt to nip you in at the waist and accentuate those curves.