Behind The Scenes Secrets From The Iconic Sitcom Roseanne

With the Roseanne reboot riding high in the ratings, viewers still can’t get enough of the Conner family both on screen and off. There are many strange secrets and stories about the old show that fans might not be familiar with! Find out all the juicy tidbits here, and what happened to make the show end so suddenly.

Roseanne had some wonky plastic surgery

Following season five, the star decided to get a total face revamp. She had a nose job, a facelift, cheek implants, and also got her eyes done. According to Barr, the surgeon actually left a scalpel inside her and had to open her face back up to get it out! Roseanne still hadn’t healed completely by the time the show started shooting again, hence the heavy makeup she’s seen wearing in season six. Ouch!