Top Natural Skin Care Products You Need In Your Makeup Bag

We are giving you the low down on our favorite products that are made only with natural and organic ingredients.

Herbivore Botanicals
Everything in these products, including its gorgeous packaging is good for you. They’re created without pore-clogging mineral oils and aren’t tested on animals. Plus the products work like a charm.

Little Barn Apothecary
The founders of the brilliant company are also herbalists. Joshua Morgan and Brad Scoggins created Little Barn Apothecary  in their Atlanta studio, and all of the ingredients that they use are sourced in the U.S. or even grown in Morgan and Scoggins’s garden.  The brand’s labels are completely biodegradable, using tree-free, water-free, and non-toxic materials. Everything about this company is natural and organic, plus their body scrubs are amazing.

Apart from the adorable and environmentally friendly packaging, their lip ointments are extremely hydrating and healing. The brand’s chosen ingredient, lanolin, has been dubbed “nature’s wonder moisturizer” by founder Kirsten Carriol due to the fact that the natural oil found in sheep’s wool is extremely emollient.

Goop by Juice Beauty
Gwyneth Paltrow has introduced a line of six curated skin care products that are up to 99 percent organic. Her wellness brand is soaring, and the actress really knows her stuff when it comes to skin-care. If she isn’t a walking poster child enough, then we don’t know what is.