He Was Just A School Janitor, Until One Day Students Discovered His Secret

An Unassuming Janitor Bill Crawford was a soft-spoken, janitor at the prestigious US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. He quietly cleaned and tidied up after 100 young cadets, but little did they know he was harboring a secret about who he was.

An Unassuming Janitor

William “Bill” Crawford, the elderly janitor dutifully mopped, sprayed and buffed, keeping to himself, as the cadets passed him in the hallways without so much as a hello. If they knew who he was they would have thought twice about this.

Harboring A Secret

He was considered by those around him as a relatively unimpressive character. Seamlessly blending into the woodwork, Crawford may have appeared unassuming, but in truth, he harbored an astonishing secret about his past.