The Instagram Feeds That You Should be Following

Everyone and everyone’s grandmother is on Instagram. The visually-driven social media platform has become a ubiquitous part of 21st Century life. Each day, 500 million users hunch over their smartphones and scroll through the endless streams of imagery. Whether your interests lie in art, fashion, design or food, here are the rising feeds of Instagram you should be following.


For Love and Lemons, @forloveandlemons
This Los Angeles based clothing brand is simply gorgeous. Their dress, lingerie and swimsuit designs are ethereal, charming, feminine and flirtatious. The feed is peppered with dream-like scenes of beautiful people wearing even more beautiful clothes on expansive coastlines or exotic city streets. You can also shop the featured looks on their online store.


Rocky Barnes, @rocky_barnes
Rocky is one of the true poster girls of Instagram. She’s utterly beautiful, she travels the world and her wardrobe is an undeniable wonder. Each day this California-born beauty uploads images of her donning some fantastic outfit that will surely inspire you to become a little more daring with your own daily kit. She’s fun, she’s fabulous and she has 1,1 million followers – perhaps you should be one of them?


Daily Paintings, @paintings.daily
In between the inevitable shots of cats and cappuccinos, we suggest you add a dash of culture to your feed. Each day this page uploads one of art history’s aesthetic gems. From Cezanne to Van Gogh, Klimt and Magritte, you’ll get a mini art history lesson featuring some of the art world’s most glorious and masterful names. The captions also share who the artist is, when it was created as well as a little context.


Kaela-Rayne Bermeister, @kaela_rayne
She’s beautiful, she’s adventurous, she’s charismatic and she knows how to work behind the lens. From the slopes of Cape Town’s Table Mountain, the bustling streets of Istanbul or the idyllic shores of Mallorca, this up-and-coming photographer is sharing her intimate and enviable traveling escapades. The skate-boarding, beanie-wearing beauty captures some magnificent scenes that will undoubtedly give you wanderlust. This is the kind of content that will make you want to quit your day job, take up skateboarding and buy a ticket to some foreign destination.


Design Milk, @designmilk
There are so many people creating marvelous things around the world. From the ever-evolving spheres of fashion, architecture, furniture design and art, this feed is going to help you keep informed and visually enthralled by what people are creating. This is high-end eye candy at it’s finest.


Andrea Hanneman, @earthyandy
There is a myriad of foodie feeds to follow, but this one offers followers something truly unique. Andy lives on a lush island in the state of Hawaii, she is a wife, doting mom, a vegan and a major advocate for conscious and compassionate living. Her feed features pictures of her golden-haired little boys scoffing down some of her plant-based treats. She shares vegan recipes for smoothies, desserts and wholesome meals as well as picturesque images of her exploring surrounding islands.


Rupi Kaur, @rupikaur_
You may not have heard of it, but the social media age has birthed a new form of contemporary literature: Instagram poetry. One of the most notable names leading the hoards of these tech-savvy, avant-garde creators is the whimsical and wordy Rupi Kaur. Her seemingly simple, effortlessly emotional and well-worded pros have captivated her 2.3 million followers. We suggest you click follow.