25 Iconic Celebrity Couples who Fell in Love On Movie Sets

Hollywood romances are the stuff of movie-goers’ dreams. Long hours on set can get a little steamy, especially when actors and actresses need to perform believable love scenes. We’re counting down some of the most iconic love affairs that began on movie sets.

Ryan and Rachel

The Notebook. It was a romantic cinematic offering that got fans hearts’ racing and filled movie theatre seats the world over. In the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’s novel, the loved-up leading couple is played by the gorgeous Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. With their on-screen undeniable chemistry, it was unsurprising that the two fell in love. The real-life couple were awarded ‘Best Kiss’ during the 2005 MTV Movie Awards where they re-enacted their epic on-screen kiss. Alas, the beloved Canadian couple split in 2007.