Three Supplements You Should Be Taking This Winter

Oh the weather outside is frightful. It is important to keep the colds at bay, and in order to do that we need to boost our immune systems. These supplements will help fight those fevers and keep you feeling healthy and happy.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to a lowered immune system, and that is because it directly interacts with the cells that fight infection.  Other deficiency symptoms include feeling tired, back pain, muscle pain, low mood and depression, so either book a holiday quick, or start taking these tablets daily.

Vitamin C & Zinc
Getting sufficient amounts of this vitamin is extremely important during the winter months when there is an increase in people suffering from flue and colds.


Vitamin B
The B vitamins are often referred to as the “anti-stress vitamins” since they’re necessary for fighting the effects of stress. They are used to help boost a positive mood are so important for a  healthy nervous system.

The role of vitamin B12 in particular, could help us during the colder months as it has been shown to help those suffering from feelings of anxiety or depression. During winter people are more at risk of experiencing those winter blues or seasonal affective disorder (SAD).