4 Style Statements You Need To Be Making

We are excited about these latest trends, especially when winter dressing can feel a little boring.
So get your pen and paper out, here are the looks you need to be donning this season.


An oversized jumper or dress paired with some long white ankle socks and sneakers, is such a cool look. You could even goth it up a notch with some sheer tights and biker boots.

Get The Flare

Flared pants are all the rage right now. Pair with a tight crop top, or go baggy on baggy with a cool sweater.

Polka Dots

Polka dots will never go out of style, and are the perfect print to make a statement. So be the girl everyone looks at when you enter a party. You will be the trend setter that’s for certain.

Flying Jackets

This season the IT jacket is the flying jacket. It complements any outfit and is great for a day to night look. Wear open or zip it up for that winter chic vibe.