Top Hilarious Photos Of Animals Taking Sneaky Selfies

In this day and age, we are always ready to take a selfie. It seems our habits are being adopted by some of our favorite animals. Yep, animals are slowly but surely coming into the 21st century thanks to our new and improved technology, and their curiosity is absolutely hilarious. In fact, some of these animals are even better looking than we are, they know how to perfectly work the camera. In the mood for a laugh today? Check out these funny photos of animals taking selfies…

Just Chillin’ With My Homies

There’s nothing better than getting the whole crew to fit into one dope selfie – and these dawg’s and feline look like they’re about to be the coolest crew of 2017. They mean business in this hilariously epic selfie and the fact that they are getting on well together, of course the cat is leading the pack.